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Ray Allen can do whatever he wants. It’s called FREE AGENCY. Not LOYALTY AGENCY.

Your entitled to your opinion..

Thoughts on the trade..

It’s not even the fact that he left Boston.. It’s the fact that he went to the rival team that eliminated the Celtics and thought , ” If you can’t beat em , join em. ” All for the love of a ring.. I understand Allen & Rondo were having problems but Celtics has always been known for being a family ( which is why they became my favorite team ) & now it feels like a part of the fam has been broken up . 

Either way Celticsgang this isn’t the end for us.. :)

I’m Sorry


Ray Allen… I’m sorry to say this but its natural for US (celtic fans) to hate you now. There are no hard feelings and we know the celtics would have offered more money but there is nothing we can do now, you have made your decision.

I want to say this on behalf of all the celtic fans

We hope you hate it in miami.

You may always return to the celtics (you gave get a few boos but we will welcome you back with open arms)

and we hate you now but don’t take it personally


BIG 3 

Did this really just happen?


Is Ray Allen really leaving?

Can Micky Arison write another tweet and say this is all some sick joke?

Ugh, I haven’t even been a Celtics fan for that long and I’m actually crying.

I’m gonna miss Ray Allen so much.

Seeing him in a Miami jersey is gonna be so weird.

The only time I’ll ever see him play again is in Celtics vs. Miami games.

He’s disappointed so many loyal fans…

Why’d he even THINK about it? He should’ve said no from the start.

Here’s my feelings in gifs:


I feel like i just got dumped

apparently Ray’s bad relationship with Rondo played a big role in his departure.. 

Ray Allen, are you serious?


Game 7

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